Sunday, May 25, 2008

My IKEA Hack

If you've never heard of the Ikea Hacker blog, then you've been missing out on a lot! From Malm bed side tables converted into a tv stand to the Anedboda wardrobe turned guinea pig palace. This website has it all!

I once entered in a hack when I created a desk table with a PAX Hemnes wardrobe door with a couple of Vika Annefors. Mark actually gave me the idea because he too used a PAX wardrobe for his desk at home. I was supposed to put a custom made glass top so that you could put pictures underneath the glass but I never did get around to it. And... my hack didn't make the blog. :o(

So, I've decided to enter in another hack. Fingers crossed, I really hope it makes the blog.

Here's what I entered:

I recently moved into a new condo that has a tiny kitchen with extreme lack of counter space. I used to store cooking utensils (ladle, skimmer, spatula, etc) in the IKEA ORDNING. But unfortunately, there ins't anymore room for it on my counter so I thought of a way to hang the utensils instead.

I used a RIBBA shadow box with the LANSA black door handle. I had to change some of the hardware (shorter screws and added washers and bolts) for the LANSA in order for it to securely fasten onto the board of the RIBBA shadow box. I also painted the board that came with the shadow box the same color of the wall (light grey). Below my utensil holder, i've also used the KROKEN magnetic knife rack for my spices. The containers for the spices came from Canadian Tire.

And that's it! So what do you think? You think it'll make the blog? I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If you have an IKEA hack, pls feel free to share it with us and email it to parttimetherapy[at]gmail[dot]com.

Oh and I know, my spice containers are empty right now but I promise I'll be filling them up soon.



Jane said...

Congrats it made the blog! I just got something on Apartment Therapy's kids design blog Obedoo...?
It's a neat thing to see your idea recognized! This is a great idea.

Rachella said...

Nice idea. You've inspired me to try a similar idea. Thanks!

BTW, I saw you on IKEA Hacker.

Part-Time Therapy said...

Thanks Jane. It's also nice to see when people take your ideas and use them.

Glad to have inspired you Rachella. Would love to see what you create,

Anonymous said...

Great hack! Are those just regular S-hooks? Thanks!