Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is our therapy...

Part-time therapy is a blog site that evolved out of constant dreams, needs, and wants. The word therapy means treatment or to treat in order to heal or make better. In ones life, we believe that you should administer as much therapy as you possibly can. Therapeutic actions that stimulate wellness, happiness, contentment, or joy, can echo a good sense of balance. If you are not fortunate enough to spend more that 50% of your day doing something you love, perhaps you should consider exercising Part time therapy.

Part-time therapy is specifically for those who often dream of doing things knowing that it would make them very happy but lack motivation to actually execute. If you ever wanted to try something but was afraid or discouraged in any way, we would like to help you tear down those walls that promote negative energy.

Take Michelle and I for example. We constantly dream of starting a small business practicing things we love to do (ie. photography, interior design, music, etc). The problem is we love quite a few things. We often try thinking of ways that we can integrate some of our favorite things to do into one main practice. This task is a lot tougher than we thought. To some people this type of thing comes easy. To others, it’s a matter of finding enough time between family, friends and work. Our case is the latter. Since we don’t have very much free time, we decided to do it all and share our experiences in this blog.

Part-time therapy is not just about blogging. It's about purchasing the latest iPod or a new pair of shoes or painting your apartment and sharing your ideas and thoughts about it. It's also about sharing your experiences when you've tried something you’ve never tried before. Once you start exploring your needs and wants, the object is to repeat the actions that make you happy as much as possible.

Please feel free to join us, explore, share, and comment, as we pursue our part-time therapeutic possibilities.

Mark Jones


Home Sensei said...

It boggles the mind that a blog that appears centered around materialism calls itself "part-time therapy" without tongue pressed firmly in cheek.

Even your banner graphic screams "conspicuous consumer". Therapy is about improving yourself as a person, not filling the emptiness in your life with junk. Who are you apart from your iPod, your Mac, and your Ikea furniture?

Anonymous said...

oh sensei, you just need to lighten the hell up. glad you came for a visit!

Mark Jones & Michelle Amurao said...

Hi Home Sensei, here's the definition of therapy from the Cambridge Dictionary.

"a treatment which helps someone feel better, grow stronger, etc., "

Shopping helps us feel better. Photography, interior design, music, etc makes us feel better and we love learning about it. Learning helps you grow!

Maybe you should come back and visit sometime to learn more about who we are outside of our ipod, MAC, and Ikea furniture.

Sam... what can I say. Always a pleasure to see your comments.

Mark Jones & Michelle Amurao said...

Hi Home Sensei,
Believe it or not, these practices do feel like a form of therapy. I personally think that people look at therapy in different ways. Which leaves the possibilities open to interpreting it different ways.

Thank you for our comments. You share the same view as quite a few people.