Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adele therapy

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is said to be the new Amy Winehouse in the British Press. She just goes by Adele. She's been categorized as a soul and jazz artist and can be heard on Smooth Jazz radio. Mark has this station locked down at work and it's always a nice surprise to hear one of Adele's songs being played. Of course I always tell Mark to TURN IT UP!!

She performed on Friday June 6, 2008 in Toronto at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre by the Exibihition. First of all, I'll never watch another concert there unless it was assigned seating. It was a general admission free for all seating concert and it was awful. People were rushing and pushing to get the best seats in the house. Sadly the concert was not sold out but none the less was an amazing concert. She has such a naturally beautiful voice and made it look effortless.

She will soon sweep the nation and the rest of the world and I pray that one day, she will perform at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. I know.. it's wishful thinking but the acoustics at RTH are amazing. I hope she never plays at Massey Hall because I HATE the way the theatre is setup.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos of her performance in Toronto.

Song 1 - Cover song called Dreaming of you. By The Corals. Adele did mention that Pete Doherty (WANKER) sold this song to The Corals for 1 pound.

Song 2 - Daydreamer by Adele is my FAVORITE song to date.

Enjoy and sorry about the not so great videos.

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